P.1 – Upon Engagement by the SUPPLIER to the services of Trade Pacific New Zealand, Trade Pacific shall commence the introduction of the SUPPLIER’s products to potential buyers in the South Pacific Region. This would include consulting and sending the SUPPLIER’s product info to Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors and Buyers that are importing, seeking or dealing with the same type of products the SUPPLIER is offering.

P.2 – When a buyer is interested in the SUPPLIER’s products, Trade Pacific would immediately inform the SUPPLIER and allow the buyer to engage in trade negotiations directly with the SUPPLIER.

P.3 – The SUPPLIER by taking upon the services of Trade Pacific will not expect successful trade deals with buyers to materialize immediately. The SUPPLIER acknowledges that it is a process and it would require some time for potential buyers to start responding towards the SUPPLIER’s offers.

P.4 – The SUPPLIER is made aware that a successful outcome with buyers for its products is not a sole responsibility of Trade Pacific. The SUPPLIER acknowledges that Trade Pacific would be consulting its products with several buyers from its region that are dealing with the same type of products as the SUPPLIER is offering, however a successful outcome would require a buyer to agree to purchase the goods of the SUPPLIER. Factors such as cost, quality and the reliability of the SUPPLIER’s products will have an overall effect towards a successful outcome with buyers.

P. 5 – Trade pacific shall pursue consulting and sending the SUPPLIER’s product information to as many buyers from its region as possible for the purpose of obtaining successful trade contracts for the SUPPLIER.

P.6 – Trade Pacific shall immediately report any or all information to the SUPPLIER when a retailer, wholesaler, importer or a buyer is interested in the SUPPLIER’s products and will allow the SUPPLIER to engage in trade negotiations directly with the buyer without any delay.

P.7 – The SUPPLIER is made aware that by enrolling to the services of Trade Pacific, it will not hold Trade Pacific solely responsible for successful trade deals with buyers as other factors mentioned above in Paragraph 4 will play a vital role towards any success which is beyond the means of Trade Pacific.

P.8 – The SUPPLIER clearly understands the services mentioned and offered here by Trade Pacific and will not have any further expectations from Trade pacific other than what’s written in this document.

P.9 – The SUPPLIER also understands that it is the SUPPLIER’s responsibility to provide true and correct details of its address and trade related information or documents to Trade Pacific and to any buyers whom it may end up trading with.

P.10 – The SUPPLIER is aware at all times that failure to provide true information may forfeit this agreement and enrolment with Trade Pacific.

P.11 – The SUPPLIER agrees to not willingly or unwillingly either directly or indirectly participate in any illegal or fraudulent trade practices with buyers at anytime during its engagement with Trade Pacific.

P.12 – Trade Pacific expresses and makes it clear to the SUPPLIER that its role is limited to providing trade consulting services as a medium of connecting retailers and buyers from the South Pacific Region to the SUPPLIER and will not be party to any other trade related transactions which may take place between the SUPPLIER and the Buyer both legal or otherwise.

P.13 – Trade Pacific will not participate in receiving or making any orders or purchases on behalf of the SUPPLIER or any of its buyers at all times.

P.14 – Trade Pacific acting as a medium of engaging buyers to suppliers will take no responsibility of any refunds or trade disputes both legal or otherwise which may arise in future between the SUPPLIER and any of its buyers.

P.15 – The SUPPLIER, by enrolling to the services of Trade pacific confirms that it has read and understood this document clearly and agrees to take upon the services of Trade Pacific as per the Terms & Conditions mentioned in this document.

P.16 – TRADE PACIFIC NEW ZEALAND views this document as a legally binding contractual agreement between itself and the SUPPLIER and offers to carry out its services for the SUPPLIER as per terms mentioned in this document.

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